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Folk Fest: By Land or By Sea - Volume 3

Folk Fest: By Land or By Sea (Volume Three)

If you look past the snow fence set up to prevent amphibious attempts to sneak in, you

will see a fleet of “boats” that are as eclectic and creative as many of the stars performing.

These attendees share the same communal spirit as the guests inside, and depending on the

direction of the wind…they can hear the music just as well too.

On the water, you will see flotillas comprised of everything from tethered innertubes to

Viking Yachts. You won’t know the majority of the people you are tied up with but you will be

sharing good times, sunscreen and faith that those 2-3 overachieving anchors will hold……all

before the microphone checks on stage are finished at 10am.

You never know what you will see out there. There are the standard boats, kayaks and

paddleboards, and you might see the the occasional seaplane ….then there is the “ATF”

(Anything That Floats) theme. Be on the lookout for Steffen Nassaney’s “Boatdock” and the

Welch’s Picnic Table/Canoe Contraption which has been recently upgraded with a kegerator for 2023.

Below the surface of it all is a graveyard of sunglasses, cellphones, and tangled anchors

leftover from years past. One of the busiest days of the year for Verizon is the Monday after

Folk Fest.

You will have fun no matter what, but here are a few tips if you’re heading to Folk Fest on the


  1. Be fully prepared to lose whatever you bring.

  2. Get there early (like 9:00am) and stake out a good location to anchor.

  3. Pack a lunch and snacks. You will be drinking all day. If you forgot, there is group of very entrepreneurial kids who drive around in a Boston Whaler selling pizza by the pie or by the slice. Yes, they take Venmo

  4. Bring extra lines and fenders

  5. Bring plenty of beverages. People turn into pirates when they run out.

  6. Bring a waterproof pouch and dry bag.

  7. Be careful driving, there are swimmers and anchor lines everywhere.

  8. Put an extra knot on your paddleboards, kayaks and inflatable flamingos. There always seems to be a few ghost ships floating around after breaking free.

A few don’ts:

  1. DO NOT BLAST MUSIC. You will be very disliked. People are still trying to listen to the

  2. festival.

  3. Don’t forget a pump if you have inflatables.

  4. Don’t forget to re-apply sunscreen after swimming.

  5. Don’t climb on the channel marker. That is a sure way to get on the harbor master radar.

  6. Don’t be the one to anchor if you plan on leaving early.



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